These happen to be just a box that my Dad ordered online for his jukebox, not knowing what he was going to end up with. Its nice to just pick up a stack and let them do there magic. (or not so occasionally)
Luckily in the box there is a handful of Beatles that happen to remind me of being 14 and serving roast dinners to customers because i worked with my cousin then at our families pub.
We had sort of a motown/soul/golden oldies soundtrack to that part of our lives back then.

Some diamonds in this treasure chest, seem to be emerging. A song by a Cliff Nobles is one of them. I will update more as i am finding more of these out and they start to stay in my thought as opposed to just the box they reside in.
Happy Christmas to all. This time of year is perfecting and warming for music listening.


Threadless Dreadless

December 4, 2009

Ok so i thought id finally submit some things… just because… its fun and ive been meaning to do it for some time.  I am working on my own stuff in the meantime and also waiting for my screen printer to arrive, and from then on it will be regular designs (for t’s, Scarves & prints) up on some kind of Blog/Store.

For now please check out my designs and if you are already a member score or comment, and if not, sign up- i highly reccomend it, just for great xmas gifts and eye candy.


So Much To Sea - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More Well PrePAIRed - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More Outside? - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Or click here…


November 30, 2009

Fun with watercolours

November 20, 2009

Now…if only i were a seamstress and fabric print master.


A day at a Rhyme

November 20, 2009

Always show everything you are – an only one.

The day only dawns, and the others are done, but they hold all your thoughts, so much you have acted upon.

Works made available

November 16, 2009

I am working on putting together a bunch of T’s/Prints/Calendars/Cards that i will hopefully have completed by next week.  I have found a site that makes everything for you, which is great for someone like me.  I haven’t built my “factory of endless art possibilities” into reality quite yet, so this is the next best thing.

More info shortly. Thanks


Acid Reigns

November 16, 2009

Looking back to the 90’s for my current design project.  Its proving to be pretty fun to see things emerge out of nothing and trigger off all kinds of colours/imagery in my head.  I need to start taking some photos now also 🙂



Photo 141

Im an alligator...



Bowling Team Shirt.

Cool Beans Coffee Shop Downtown Columbia

Blue Marlin The Vista

I like throwing these things together in a day and then just waiting to see them in reality somewhere down the line.

Childhood Ballroom Dancing lessons and Collecting Gemstones top them all.